5 year old books

books by inga moore

Six Dinner Sid, Captain Cat, A House in the Woods: Inga Moore

  • Emily 

At the start of first grade, E8’s teacher made a comment that has stuck with me “Everyone can read. You can read the words, you can read the pictures, you can read both. Its all reading.” Inga Moore embodies this in her books–the words are clever, and the pictures just as entertaining–have you ever seen a cat smirk?

book: four famished foxes and fosdyke

Four Famished Foxes and Fosdyke

  • Emily 

Announcing: All Alliteration Aficionados, Assemble! This highly entertaining story has excellent and entertaining vocabulary, focused fully on “F”.

Book the Word Collector

The Word Collector

  • Emily 

A charming book about Jerome, a boy who loves words and finds a way to share them with the world