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Six Dinner Sid, Captain Cat, A House in the Woods: Inga Moore

  • Emily 

At the start of first grade, E8’s teacher made a comment that has stuck with me “Everyone can read. You can read the words, you can read the pictures, you can read both. Its all reading.” Inga Moore embodies this in her books–the words are clever, and the pictures just as entertaining–have you ever seen a cat smirk?

Six Dinner Sid is a firm favorite at our house–we found it at the library, and after we ran out of renewals, figured it was time to get our own copy.

Sid the cat has found a way to live in 6 different houses–and relishes all the perks that come with six loving humans.

Until the day when he gets a bit of a cough–and a cat’s worst nightmare emerges. Six trips the the vet. Can you imagine a cat enduring his 6th vet trip in one day? This book is great in pictures alone, and spot on funny to read. We cannot recommend Six Dinner Sid highly enough.

E5 and E8 love cats, so when we saw Inga Moore had written another book about cats, we blindly trusted and ordered Captain Cat –a huge success! The kids were thrilled with the plethora of expressive cats. I love the message about the success and happiness that come from following your own interests.

The book opens with Captain Cat–a trader who values cats over goods of great monetary value. On one of his voyages, he reaches an unknown island ruled by a Queen (shown here). What kid doesn’t dream of ruling their own island?

Captain Cat arrives with all of his cats–much to the delight of the Queen, who has never met cats before. When they sit down for dinner, the rats emerge as well–Cats to the rescue!

When its time for the Captain to leave the island, the Queen hopes for the cats to stay–what to do?

The most recent addition to our Inga Moore collection is A House in the Woods. No cats this time–but more animals with lots of personality, including beavers who like to be paid for their work in peanut butter sandwiches.

This is a beautiful book going into the fall–the leaves are starting to turn, mist is hanging in the trees, and mushrooms are sprouting.

When Bear and Moose accidentally break the Little Pig’s houses, they find themselves a bit of a bind, but they work together. There’s gentle social problem solving and working together through the book at a level kids can relate to without feeling directly instructed.

From a mama-perspective, this one is a gem too–whether riled up from a squabble, or just wired before bed, this one is calming and ends on a very relaxed note–its been instated as a bedtime standard around here.

We absolutely love Inga Moore’s stories and illustrations, and always look forward to discovering her next book.

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