What Brand Is That?

With so many wonderful brands of wooden toys, sometimes its hard to know which one you’re looking at. This page is to help you Identify makers and sets. I’ll keep adding here as we go, but if there’s something from either the Building With Rainbows Instagram or blog that you’d like to know more about, please let me know at buildingwithrainbows@gmail.com .

Bauspiel Color street has embedded gems. Bauspiel windows are translucent and the light shines through
The Bauspiel stepped building blocks (shown here with grapat pieces on top) rages from a 2.5 cm cube to a 25 cm tall post
Bauspiel X blocks are amazing on their own for building. Or with the Lucite gem cubes, make marvelous stained glass windows !
Holztiger Animals are typically bright color, slightly glossy (easy to clean), and friendly-faced.
Ostheimer Animals have a texture more like Grimms, more muted colors and more neutral facial expressions.
Eric and Albert Animals are smoother like Holztiger, softer colors like Ostheimer, and tend to have gentle facial expressions. Released 8pm UK time on Saturdays.
Grapat loose parts are amazing for counting, small world play, mosaic-style mandalas.
Shop Grapat in the US or Canada
Grapat makes our favorite peg people–a range of colors, shapes and sizes.
Shop Grapat in the US or Canada
Grapat nesting rings are lovely for mindfulness play for adults and kids alike. Grapat also makes rings and coins better suited to babies. Shop Grapat in the US or Canada
The Grimms Rainbow is a classic with its bright colors.
Shop Grimms in the US or Canada
Ocamora Rainbows are typically Jewel toned. Read here for a discussion of the differences between different rainbows
On the Far Right, the Myers Natrual Rainbow is made in the US and has rich colors
The ball runs we build are primarily made from Grimms blocks
Shop Grimms in the US or Canada
Gluckskafer Slats integrate beautifully with Grimms both in Ball runs and other builds
We use the Grimms marbles, small balls and Ball in our Ball runs
Shop Grimms in the US or Canada
Our Perpetual Calendar is from Mirus Toys
Treasures From Jennifer makes tracing boards, 20 frame, 100 boards, and other lovely learning resources

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