Bauspiel Giant Ranbow, cropped, photo by building with rainbows

Bauspiel Giant Rainbow–How Does It Play?

  • Emily 

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Isn’t it fascinating how different rainbows from different makers all build so differently?

At first glance, the Bauspiel Giant Rainbow looks familiar—but on closer inspection, the size and proportions reveal it to be a remarkable set of blocks. Each arch of the Bauspiel Giant Rainbow is 2.5cm thick and 5cm deep.  Being so thick, they’re stable and build more like blocks than a thinner-cut rainbow.

The Bauspiel Giant Rainbow is 25cm tall and 50cm wide—much taller than the Grimm’s 12-piece rainbow. Because the arches are so much thicker, they stand easily. 

Shown here from back to front are the Bauspiel Giant Rainbow, the Grimm’s 12-piece Rainbow, the Sabo 7-piece rainbow, and the Ocamora 6-piece rainbow. 

From left to right, showing arch thickness:  Bauspiel, Grimms, Ocamora, Sabo.

The Giant rainbow arches are 5 cm deep, same as the long edges of a Just Blocks Block, and 1 cm more than the short edge of Just Blocks Block or a Grimm’s standard cube.

The sizing and spacing on the Giant rainbow are mathematically elegant, particularly when paired with the Bauspiel stepped blocks. 

The Stepped Counting blocks are cut on a 2.5cm scale, and so with each rainbow arch at 2.5cm thick, the tallest stepped counting block is the same height as the tallest arch of the rainbow, and each subsequent piece aligns perfectly.

Each arch is 2 counting steps wide

Bauspiel doesn’t make semicircles to go with their rainbow, but Grimm’s semicircles can be used with the inner 8 arches of the rainbow

We’ve had a lot of fun with horizontal play options with the Giant Rainbow blocks. 

For the bigger kids, challenge them to stack the arches in layers with blocks.  We have used the Just Blocks blocks, turned 5cm flat.  It is bit of a trick to get started, but so pleasingly tall when it’s done!

For younger kids, stack the blocks with a more stable base, nested, and invite the youngers to decorate it.  We put Just Blocks sticks on as candles, but any loose part is fun.  Can you find pieces that match the arches?  (hint—Grapat is great)

We used Just blocks to fill the inside of the arches to make the cake, but almost any blocks could be used.

For easier fine motor practice, set the rainbow in a spiral to trace with loose parts.  The broad arches are perfect for lining up and tracing activities

In small world play they make lovely mountains, a sun, or a roof that gives attic space for storing little treasures

In small world play they make lovely mountains, a sun, or a roof that gives attic space for storing little treasures

When Miss6 is struggling to get started building, laying these rainbows flat gives a good outline and foundation without doing the building for her, it helps her get started (this was my build, but this is an approach I use a lot with her when she needs a hand getting ideas to get started).

There is on last question though—perhaps the most often-asked question when it comes to rainbows: can the Bauspiel Giant Rainbow do balancy stacks? Yes, it can—differently than the Grimm’s ones, of course, but yes. The gentler curve and narrower pieces are a little tricky to work with, but the heavier, evenly cut arches are helpful.

Are you curious to check it out for yourself? They’re available here, at Happy Monkey Miami!

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