Side by Side comparison of Grimms and Bauspiel slats

Grimm’s and Bauspiel Comparison: Leonardo Sticks and Color Rods

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Grimms and Bauspiel both make sets of long thin wooden slats blocks. The Bauspiel set is their “Color Rods” and, the Grimm’s is the “Leonardo Sticks”–both are beautiful sets and while similar in essence, this comparison shows how these two sets build differently.

If you’re looking to purchase, I’ve included links to shops that carry these sets at the end of the post.

Bauspiel Colored Rods and Grimm’s Leonardo Sticks

The Bauspiel Colored Rods and Grimm’s Leonardo Sticks each come in a set of 100 pieces. The The Bauspiel set has 10 each of 10 colors, and the Grimm’s set 5 each of 20 colors.

Color Comparison between Bauspiel and the closest Grimm’s color. Bauspiel Colored Rods alternating with Grimm’s Leonardo Sticks.
Bauspiel Color Rods on the Left, Grimm’s Leonardo Sticks on the Right. They are different sizes, but the same proportions.

The Bauspiel color rods are cut on a 2.5 cm scale, 2.5cm wide and 22.5cm long. The Grimm’s Leonardo Sticks are cut on the same proportions, but at the Grimm’s scale of 2cm wide by 18cm long. In the image above on the left you can see how the lengths compare, and also the Grimm’s colors that best correspond to the Bauspiel Colors. On the right are 10 each of the Bauspiel and Grimms sets, spread to show the difference in volume.

We have loved using the Grimm’s Leonardo Sticks on the Bauspiel X-blocks as tracks in ball runs, so of course we had to try it with the Bauspiel rods as well. Being longer and wider, they do make a track that accommodates the Grimm’s Small Balls more easily, but both work well as ball run tracks.

Grimm’s Marbles and Small balls on Bauspeils Rod and Grimm’s Leonardo Stick tracks, on Bauspiel X-brick blocks.
Bauspiel Rods and Grimm’s Leonardo Sticks set up on Bauspiel X-blocks for marble run Tracks

After size, the other striking difference between the two sets is the color distribution. The Bauspiel set has 10 colors (mostly distinct), and the the Grimm’s set 20, making a gradient.

Whether spread out or stacked,the difference between the Bauspiel and Grimm’s sets is striking. Building a tower with the slats on edge, the Bauspeil set is much eaiser to build with because they are slightly thicker. I built the Bauspiel tower with zero unintended falls, the Grimm’s had a few restarts.

The Grimm’s and Bauspiel sets are packaged differently. Bauspiel comes in a sturdy box that closes with sliding lid–it could be stored upright or flat. The Grimm’s set comes in an open box that shows off the colors beautifully.

Which box is easier to pack at the end of the day? With all parts gathered, it took me 1:33 minutes to pack away the Bauspiel set and 1:52 minutes for the Grimms–overall much closer than I’d expected!

In the long run, there’s not one set thats better than the other in all facets, but really it depends upon what you’d like to do with the set. The Bauspiel Rods are stiffer which is great in buildings, [1/6/21 update] and easier when building the classic Leonardo Bridges. the Leonardo Bridges can also be build with the Grimm’s set, and the Grimm’s have a beautiful range of colors. If you have very young, or heavy handed, builders, I’d recommend the Bauspiel set, and past the age of 4 or so, pick the set who’s box, colors, sizes (or price) please you–both sets are so much fun!

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