Just Blocks Big Box compared to Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid

Just Blocks: Fit with Grimm’s and Fit with Bauspiel

  • Emily 

Have you looked at Just Blocks, and wondered how they might fit with the Grimm’s and Bauspiel blocks you have or plan to add to your collection? Here is a quick rundown of the sizing and how they fit together (the short version: very well!)

The parts in the Just Blocks sets come in four sizes, and all parts are natural wood, none colored:

Block: 5x5x4 cm
Stick: 4x1x1 cm
Large Tile: 10×20 cm
Small Tile: 10×10 cm

We find that they fit beautifully with both Grimm’s and Bauspiel blocks, and make an elegant transition between the two.

At 5x5x4 cm, the Just Blocks Block fits perfectly with Bauspiel on four sides, and Grimm’s on the other two. they are a beautiful supplement to either Grimm’s or Bauspiel and a functional transition between the two.

The Just Blocks Sticks are 1x1x4cm long, so four are the length or height of a Grimm’s cube.

These pieces are another great transition between the 4cm scale of Grimm’s and 5cm scale of Bauspiel blocks.

The Just Blocks Flats at 20×10 cm and 10×10 cm fit consistently with Bauspiel, but also can be easily and effectively used with Grimm’s blocks

Grimm’s, Bauspiel and Just Blocks built together.

The Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid is one of the most well-known block sets, so it makes an excellent measure for the volume of the Just blocks sets. The pictures below use the blocks from the Big Box of the Just Blocks set. First is the Pyramid (alternate colors) in its standard configuration, then stacked by volume alongside the Blocks from the Big Block set. The Pyramid has more variety in shapes, the Big Block set more volume with which to build.

In the same Big Box Set from Just Blocks, there are also the sticks and flats.

I would absolutely recommend Just Blocks as a supplement to either Grimm’s or Bauspiel blocks–or really as an great first set of blocks.

Click here to see the Just Blocks Big set in action

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