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Cleaning Wooden Toys

  • Emily 

All toys need to be cleaned at some point, but wooden toys cannot be run through the dishwasher or scrubbed with solvents. Is the solution to keep them inside? No–if anything they’re more alive than ever outside. One simply needs a reliable way to clean them.

Not so long ago, a set arrived in the mail with the plastic torn and the frame inside quite filthy. Its a very old set, and I’m thrilled to have found it, nevertheless, it needed a cleaning. Using household cleaners on wood toys can strip the finish and sometimes take the color off of them.

Enter the Norwex EnviroCloth. Using this cloth + water, the tray came impressively clean. I use this on Nins and Tomtens and any other pieces that go outside to play, and always they come clean. The cloths don’t strip the color from the toys, and do a great job cleaning off the dirt. It may be expensive for a single cloth, but to me, it is inexpensive for something that maintains these toys effectively.

Before cleaning

The smae spot after scrubbing with the EnviroCloth

I’ve also used EnviroCloths to help clean up mold. If you have a piece that you suspect of mold, take the wet cloth and give it a good scrubbing. If you caught it early enough to remove the visible spots, then set it out in direct sunlight for a few days and you’ll have a really good chance at getting it cleaned up. Of course anything that may have mold should not go to a child, and if there is any likely trace of mold still, don’t put it with other pieces you treasure, but if you’re doing general clean up and find mold, this cloth is your friend!

To clean wood toys, the Norwex EnviroCloth is the one to choose. (Little secret–its just as magic when cleaning the stove–I had an exploded sweet potato–SERIOUSLY exploded. And this cloth….with just water…cleaned it up so quickly.)

If you want one that is like magic on Bauspiel windows and gems (and Magnetic tiles too!) get this set that also includes the window cloth.

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