grimms ball run with stepped roofs

Rainbow Steps Ball Run

  • Emily 

This run is a twist on the long run of steps that flows down a wall–here the ball takes a lovely series of curves on its way down. I’ve shown all the steps, and given fewer words for this set of instructions with the hope that you can pop it up on the tablet or phone or wherever and let your kids (7-8ish +? ) give it a go. Enjoy!

This run takes 5 sets: a Large rainbow, Semi-circles, stepped roofs, LSP (or other sets with similar block lengths) and a tailored for the Grimms Small Balls.

Grimms Large Rainbow
Grimms Stepped Roofs
Grimms Semi Circles
Grimms Small Balls
Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid
note: it is not necessary to have the Large stepped pyramid to build this run–similar pieces can be found in other sets and used with equal success

This ball run is a series of four parts, each of which is built similarly–once you have the first two ironed out, the other two will flow easily. There are a couple of tips along the way, so read the captions carefully if you get stuck.

Place the largest arch of the rainbow on its matching semicircle
Add one 8cm (two cube) post, and one set of steps aligned on the left side of the arch.
Add the next set of steps on top of the 8cm post. It will overlap the bottom stairs a bit.
Place a 12 cm (3 cube) post next to the 2nd highest step. It should not be lined up with the end of the steps
Outside the arch, place two 8cm posts. These will support the next level
Place the next semicircle and arch on top so that they rest on the posts and on the edge of the first rainbow
Check that when a ball rolls off the 2nd arch, it lands on the 2nd step, not the top, and is stopped by the post
Now add a 8cm post and a set of steps on the opposite side of the arch
Add a set of steps on top
Next an 12cm post next to the 2nd highest step
Supports for the next stage: an 8cm block turned side ways + a 12cm block on top.
Add the next-sized semi-circle + rainbow arch
Build up the steps, same as before
Add the 12cm post to catch the ball
For this stage: each support is an 8cm post horizontal on the ground with 12 and 8cm posts stacked on top
Add the next semi-circle and rainbow arch
The next layer of steps
And the top piece. No 12cm post needed at this level
If the ball is rolling off partway down, double check to make sure each time it jumps levels, it lands on the 2nd step, not the top step, and has a 12cm post ready to block it

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