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Which Size Balls are Best For Ball Runs?

When you’re setting up to build a Ball run using blocks, the size ball you pick makes a big difference. If you’re playing with a very small child, you need a ball that is not a choking hazard. If you’re working with a young builder, you need something that won’t be frustratingly heavy or light. But if your run is tall and elaborate, you need something that will not knock over your structure along the way.

Above is a size comparison with the three sizes of Grimms Balls next to a 4cm Grimms cube; this is the size that comes in the large stepped pyramid and others of their “large” scale building sets.

At the top left in the image above are the Grimms Marbles. These come in a set of 35, and are much too small for little children (choking hazard) but also can be frustrating for them in a ball run as they don’t have a lot of momentum because they are so light. They are a great choice if you’re building an intricate, tall run where you need to ensure your ball-of-choice does not bulldoze the structure

In the bottom left corner is one of the “small balls”. The Grimms Small Balls come in a set of 12–and still are a choking hazard, but for most ball run builders age 4+ this is the easiest size to work with. They’re big enough to have momentum to get moving and keep going, but won’t demolish a reasonably sturdy structure. These are the most versatile choice by far.

The bottom right ball comes from the original Grimms Balls set–it comes in a set of 6 and is the only size that is not a choking hazard. These are pretty big and heavy for most ball runs, but have their place when you need something with a lot of momentum.

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